LED Colour Changing Star Necklace x 24


Colour Changing LED Stars x 24 each with necklace Magnetic Clasp cord

Ideal for selling at school discoes, spot prizes, party loot bags, sleepovers and more.

Great fundraiser, our customers are onselling these for $3.00 and above. We stock other fundraiser ideas as well.

Great to take to family reunions and give to EVERYONE, yes it’s not just the kids who want these, we are discovering its the adults who love them as well.

Great for kids party gifts, hens nights, 18th birthdays, etc. We also have heaps of other novelty items as well.

Check out my other products for more LED products from GLOWILD including party novelty items, flashing wine glasses, tealights, mood lights, glow sticks, flashing cups, etc.

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