24 Glowing Tube Bracelets


One box of 24 LED Glowing Tube bracelets indiviually packaged.
white tube bracelet 

A Step up from a Glow Stick Bracelet

LED Glowing Tube Bracelets x 24
Price per Unit: $48
These are individually packaged and boxed in 24’s, so ideal for retail selling.
Measures 15cm long by 2cm wide.
Simply push the button to turn on/off.
Multi-Coloured Glow
Ideal for fundraising at sport games, speedway, guy fawkes, music concerts, Christmas in the Park , any time event and these sell like hot cakes.
 Our most popular LED bracelet we sell.  Schools sell these by the boxfull’s at their school disco’s.  The kids love them.
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