3 Metre El Wire x 2


New Special 2 x 3 metre El Wire for $10

3 Metre Battery Powered Glow Wire

Look what you can do with El Wire,

El Wire is a flexable neon like wire”,” very thin 2.2 mm (thinner than a shoelace) and uses AA Batteries to power a very bright light in the darkness.

El Wire’s best use is to be sown into costumes for dazzling effects”,” seen on many fashion programs

El Wire is also great for concerts”,” raves or any after dark event

5 year life don’t be left in the dark

Battery Powered
– El Wire 2.2mm
– Constant and Blink Modes
– 3 Metres of 2.2mm EL Wire
– Quick easy disconnect connectors that allows you to
connect and disconnect different colors

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