Glowild are now importers of a variety of Glow Sticks and LED Jewellery. Many Charities and Schools have found these to be great Fundraisers sold at local Discoes, Balls and Concerts. Easily make 200% profit and have fun at the same time.

Great Fundraising Opportunity organise a school disco and sell these to your pupils or Contact a Sports club to sell these at Sports events.

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 For Schools and Registered Organisations we ask for no money up front we will invoice you with payment due in 14 days.

Proven to be fun and affordable for children and adults of all ages.

Glow Sticks & LED Toy’s can be sold at most public functions.
A great alternative to Sugary drinks and Food.

Discos,  School Productions,  Easter Gatherings,  Halloween Parties,  Concerts, Stock Car Races,  New Year Eve Parties, Christmas Parties, Guy Fawkes, All night time events.

Once activated will glow for up to 12 hours. Our thin bright glow sticks may be worn as a bracelet, or join 3 glow sticks together to be worn as a necklace. They also have a shelf life of 12 months, as long as they are stored in  cool- cold conditions.

Great LED (Light Emitting Diode) Flashing Toys, these will last for months so they will remember the event.

Please follow this simple equation for more effective Fundraising

Our most popular have been 8 inch Glow Stick bracelets = $15 per 100

These can sell for $1 each x 100 = $100 minus $15 paid for = $85 profit  

Now our most popular are LED Novelty Toys = $150 per 100

These can sell for $3 each x 100 = $300 minus $150 paid for = $150 profit

Same sales – Same work – More profit  – More fun

We Courier all safely to your door.