A glow stick is a transparent plastic tube, which contains chemical fluids held apart in two compartments. The outer plastic tube contains one part of the chemical mixture, and the inner compartment is a glass or brittle plastic tube containing the second mixture. If the light stick is bent, the inner tube breaks and the chemicals mix, resulting in a reaction that emits light but not necessarily warmth. This phenomenon is called chemo luminescence.

All our chemical glow light sticks and products come in a sealed plastic case. Even if the outer casing of the glow stick is somehow punctured or broken open, the chemical contents are non-toxic and non-flammable. But please never contact the liquid with eyes or ingesting the fluid because irritation will result.

Glow sticks will last anytime between 4 –12 hours, it all depends how old they are, Glowild only imports small quantities frequently so we know our glow sticks are fresh and will glow longer.

Glow Sticks are very safe and non-toxic, if a glow stick does break keep fluid away from the eyes, and wash off with water.

The shelf life of a glow stick is 12 months; Glow Sticks must be kept in a cool area the colder the area the better the glow sticks will be.

We have 8 inch Glow Stick Bracelets, thick 6 inch glow sticks that come with a lanyard to make into a necklace, we also have big 40cm Glow Wands.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Novelty Toys are the new rage in New Zealand, soft fun toys that flash and sparkle. Inside a molded rubber outer layer is a squeezable LED gadget that flashes but lets off no heat and can last for weeks. Safe fun toys that give people ”more value for their money”. A great fundraising product or buy a party pack full of fun products for a kids birthday party.

Many different products bouncing flashing balls, spiky ball necklaces, flashing fans and many more please check out our online store or print off an order form. The prices are Wholesale great mark up of 100% – 300% when you sell them.

A LED Toy will flash for about 20 seconds then switch off, these can last for many months.

LED Toys are very safe, they are very soft so even if thrown cannot do damage, many come with a lanyard so can be worn as a necklace or bracelet.

LED Toys have little batteries in them these batteries have a 2 year shelf life, if stored safely.

We sell our LED Toys in quantities of 24 our customers easily sell these and can order 400 – 500 at one time.